The American Black Swift is the largest in the swift family, native to regions throughout western North America, including the California coast.

Although the Black Swift has a wide distribution, it is only found in isolated pockets throughout their range. Their habitat is frequently associated with water and they often nest on high cliffs or caves above the ocean, or near waterfalls and other bodies of coastal water. 

In winter, they migrate out of North America, but it is unclear where they spend cold winter months, giving the species the label of being one of the world’s most elusive and mysterious birds. 


Just like the bird from which the publisher takes its name, Black Swift Press aims to publish unique work from nature-minded authors native to California’s coastal regions.

Our mission is to publish quality work from both emerging and established writers, in the genres of fiction and poetry. We accept work based on their language and style, and ability to captivate, touching the heart and soul of the reader. We look for a strong focus on locality and image, taking pride in unique perspectives conveyed in a voice that has the power to resonate beyond the final pages of a work.